On The Fence Writers 
Active Voice is now On The Fence Writers

Active Voice is changing its name. We felt it was time for a moniker more in keeping with our new focus on not being focused – that is on transitioning from a disciplined firm turning out policy and business documents and speeches for D.C. big shots to a writing, editing, and publishing house producing novels, short stories, essays, travelogues, textbooks, and the occasional policy or business document and speech for D.C. big shots.  

I continue to write speeches for the FTC and other clients and will still happily write for you if you pay me enough and share my politics, or at least mostly. I and my team of talented and currently underemployed writers and editors also still write and edit proposals, resumes, capabilities statements, business plans, opeds, reports, marketing material, campaign literature or pretty much any other pen-to-paper sort of endeavor. For more information, email me at kssdc2001@aol.com (and stop laughing – someone has to keep AOL going. I think it is on the historic register).

The Active Voice blog, which lately has consisted mostly of my random writings, is now called On The Fence Writers and can be found at a tab on the left.  The archives from the old blog are there, because I know you all want to read them again and again.

The Green Fence Farm blog, which always has consisted of my random writings with a smattering of mostly inaccurate agricultural information thrown in for variety, is still where it always has been as well as on a tab here too 

The On The Fence Writers (formerly Active Voice) Facebook page and the Green Fence Farm Facebook page are, oddly enough, on Facebook.

As for Twitter, personal, writing, and farm related tweets can now all be found @OnTheFenceWrite

Nick’s forthcoming novel, Steel’s Treasure, will soon have its own page on the website. He will also launch his own blog imminently (we are still trying to convince him “going live” isn’t the same as “hooking up the car battery backwards” and hitting that “publish” button won’t result in a big puff of smoke and his hair standing on end, as so many of our other projects do).   In the blog, he will talk about treasure hunting, the Philippines, Japanese swords, and all the other stuff he couldn’t find room to put in his book.  We’ll get you that link when it goes live (boom!).  We anticipate (hope and pray) that it will be out in e-book and paperback by this summer.

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